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February 27, 2009

The fairness of a government monopoly

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Yesterday Rush Limbaugh’s program was about as depressing as any freedom-loving patriot could stand.  The Congress is going balls to the wall to shut down his affiliates in order to silence him.   It is indeed sad to see the once great and glorious American Experiment fall to such depths that Congress itself would attempt to silence their fellow Americans. 

But I started thinking about this overnight, and I’ve changed my opinion.  Just tune into any MSM news outlet, and you can hear the joy and euphoria for the messiah who now walks among us.  Adversarial government is a thing of the past.  The Democrats are in the driver’s seat for at least a generation. 

So why are they picking on Rush?  If they really believed they were in control for good, then what’s the rush (no pun intended) to push through all this legislation?  Not only would they be able to take as much time as they want, they wouldn’t even have to.  Rush could be left to his tiny audience, an arcane and obscure relic from bygone days, like pink flamingo lawn ornaments.  But they aren’t.  Those are not the acts of the confident.  Those are the acts of someone trying to consolidate power. 

And look who they’re going after.  It’s not Cato or Heritage or the NRA.  They’re going after freedom of speech.  Of course politicians in general, and modern liberals in particular, long ago did away with anything other then the vaguest of lip service to constitutional restrictions of federal powers. 

The only logical conclusion, is that they are still worried.  Like the last soldiers standing after a skirmish.


February 26, 2009

The Two Americas

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Well, it’s beginning to sound like we really are all socialists now.  I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon and there’s a steady stream of callers complaining about the rearrangement of our society into a more perfect utopia as dreamed by President Obama, and his trolls Pelosi and Reid

One lady was discussing how badly they would be hit by the new taxes because they make right around $250,000 a year.  They’re deciding what businesses to close in order to fall below the line in the sand.  No doubt putting people out of work, cutting benefits, etc.  In the middle of that morbid conversation, she gets a call from the Democratic National Committee, looking for political donations. 

A second caller is the wife of a heart surgeon.  They make $400,000 on paper, but after expenses, they are nowhere near that number.  For a standard open heart surgery operation – including 25 days of hospital – the feds reimburse him through Medicare to the tune of $2,500.  Which the Democrats have announced they intend to reduce.  She said they’ve already discussed it, and the first spending they’re cutting back on is charitable giving.  She added many of her friends have been discussing the same issue, and coming to the same conclusion, cut back or eliminate donations. Then she tossed in the punch line.  When those who have stop giving donations to those who don’t have, charities will close down.  

And all their clients will have just one place to go – the government.

On the Senate side of the house there are two pieces of legislation moving through that pig sty to pass a virtual “fairness doctrine.”  Diversity of ownership and “local content” are the two silver bullets to silence the opposition.

The House is debating about legislating authority to judges to “cram down” mortgage contracts.  A cram down means a judge looks at the balance owed on a mortgage and can reduce it as he sees fit.  Have a legal, valid, contract with a home purchaser?  On paper they legally owe you, say, $150,000?  With the strike of a pen, the judge says you are now owed only $75,000.  How’s that for property rights?

And in the White House, the President is talking about another $750 billion for bank bailouts.

We are indeed living in dark times. 

Over the past decades of my life I’ve come to the conclusion there are basically two kinds of Americans.  All citizens look to the unknown future and see potential, possibilities, pitfalls, problems, failures and success.  One kind of American looks to that unknown and is thrilled to have the freedom and resources to build what they see fit in that vast unknown future, carve out their own piece of the American dream for themselves and their family and friends.  The other kind of American looks at that unknown and is wracked with fear and trepidation.  No one is in control.  There’s no one to guide them by the hand.  They fear failure.  They’re terrified what might happen to them.  They want security.  They want order out of chaos.  And they want some one who will promise them they will succeed. 

Apparently there are a significant number of the latter, as is obvious by the results of the last election.  Here is where the slime of society come into play.  Politicians who see this fear.  They prey on the scared.  They tell them their fear is real and justified.  They should fear the other type of American, because they are preventing the scared Americans from being free from their fear.  If only the scared people will elect them to office, they will punish those who aren’t afraid.  They will carve order out of the chaos of the unknown future. 

But they can’t.  No one can.  John Lennon once sang ‘life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.’ No one, no matter how intelligent, no matter how smart, no matter how lucky can predict the future.  No one can tell you what they can’t possibly know, the future.  

And they are now in control of everything.

February 25, 2009

Climate crash and burn

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I’m not usually one to partake of conspiracy theories.  I consider them mental crutches for people too intellectually lazy to learn simple facts and piece them together.  I mean, basically they come down to one of two positions: either the information “supplied” as the “truth” is so simple the real truth must be more complicated, or it’s so complicated the truth must be more simple.  Either way, there’s no winning a debate with some one who follows that kind of circular logic. 

However, something did catch my eye this morning that makes me wonder.  NASA attempted to launch a satellite whose mission was specifically to measure carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  It crashed into the ocean. 

Now I fully appreciate how complicated space travel is.  And there are definitely accidents, just ask Iran or North Korea.  The US space has had its own share of tragedies.  But this is different.  When we put a human into space, the task becomes infinitely more complicated, for the obvious reason that you have to worry about keeping them alive and bringing them back down.  This was a simple, one-way trip, the kind the US routinely puts into orbit.  Why did this one have a problem?

With the wheels rapidly coming off the global warming bus, might it be, that maybe, just maybe, the powers that be don’t want to find scientific evidence proving they’ve had their heads up their asses on global warming for the last fifteen or twenty years? 

Enquiring minds want to know.

February 24, 2009

District of Corruption

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I’m listening to Hannity blabber on this afternoon, he’s currently interviewing/jaw-boning with Rick Santelli.  You may know his name, I never heard of him before he did his little shtick on the floor of the Chicago mercantile.  My guess is around 70% of it was staged by him (I’m not accusing those on the floor agreeing with him), specifically to get his name up in lights.  But I still liked it.  I always love a good old-fashioned American citizen seethe against the tyrants and thieves in Washington*.

And, hardly surprising, Santelli is talking about something on which he is apparently uneducated.  He just said no taxation without representation is the reason this country was founded.  Nope. 

It’s actually a really cool story, I suggest David Mccullough’s 1776.  Awesome book.  The reason for the good old USA is actually pretty ass backwards from what we’re taught in public school (hardly surprising).  The reason we have our country is not because we declared independence from England.  The First Continental Congress sent a petition to King George demanding that he reign in the royal governors, who they considered were abusing their powers.  They argued as citizens under the reign of the King of England, they were entitled to the protection of the Crown.  The King responded, and so did Parliament, with several war ships and a contingent of soldiers with orders, that basically said, anyone who does not bow down and fully accept the ultimate authority of the Crown was to be hunted down like a dog and killed. 

That meant that every founding father from George Washington right on down to the little kid playing the fife in the old ‘Spirit of ’76’ painting had to essentially bow down, kiss ass, suck you-know-what, bend over grab the ankles, and prayed to God it was sufficient supplication, before the most powerful empire the world had known to that time. 

Or they could fight

We all know what they decided.  Like I said, I love a good old-fashioned American citizen group seethe.  I’m not advocating violence or a new revolution, or anything like that.  But I very much would love to see We The People throw a nice scare to the government.  Just enough to remind them who exactly is in charge here. 


*-  The more I think about it, the more I believe we should petition the federal government to officially change the name of the District of Columbia to something other than Washington.  It’s an insult to the father of our nation.  Got any suggestions for a replacement?  Leave a comment.  Let’s start a competition, what name best describes the current incarnation of the seat of our federal government? 

February 20, 2009

AG Eric Holder is not a coward

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Okay Mr. Attorney General, let’s talk turkey about race….    

Recently the brand spankin’ new US Attorney General, one Eric Holder, addressed an audience in Washington and declared that We The People are actually cowards when it comes to talking about race relations.  Me?  A coward?  What exactly did I do?  I’ve never met the AG or anyone who knows him personally or has ever even seen him.  I suspect the same for him with I.  How exactly does one label someone they never met as a coward?  Kind of rash if you ask me.  So much for all the love and longing of the new administration’s honeymoon.

So, Mr. Holder wants to talk about race?  Let’s talk about race.

I was born in 1962, far too late to have participated in slavery, the slave trade, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, lynching, the civil rights marches, the civil rights riots, or any of that.  My ancestors, by and large, didn’t even get to America till the early twentieth century.  One notable exception, my mother’s father’s family were American citizens since at least the Civil War, as my great grandfather joined the Union army at age 14 with his brother and their father, fought the duration (came down with a serious STD in the process, it’s amazing the kind paperwork the federal government retains), and came back to begin a family that included at least three wives (fortunately not at the same time) and several children, my grandfather being the youngest, born when the old war horse was 72.  When my grandfather was 12 his father took him back to Gettysburg and showed him where he fought on Little Round Top, while providing a serious history lesson for a federally licensed guide.

I am not a racist.  I do not categorically dismiss any individual human based up race, creed, gender, hair style, tattoos, or lack of sense of humor.  Rather I wait till I get to know a person as an individual, and then decide if they are worth my time.  At that point, a sense of humor is very important.  So does gender, marital status and breast size.  I do not deem it appropriate to rattle off a list of my “racial friends,” as proof that I’m not a racist, because doing that actually does make one a racist.  It reduces human individuals to single characteristic.   


And let’s take a look  at what exactly Mr. Holder did, shall we?  He used a racially designated month, to speak about racially divisive issues, such as, how I’m a coward for……what? I consider Martin Luther King Jr. one of the greatest Americans who ever walked God’s green earth.  It takes real guts to lay one’s life on the line for their beliefs. Considerably rarer is when someone who does so posseses beliefs worthy of that action.  He had it.

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

That says it all as far as I’m concerned.  Thomas Jefferson is attributed with writing one of the most profound statements in the history of the world, putting to paper, the hopes and dreams of all humans, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  He owned slaves till the day he died.  But I still believe that King quote would have brought him to his feet in applause, at least in spirit.

So Mr. Holder.  I stand here (actually I’m sitting, have you ever tried to type while standing?) and I am judging you not on the color of your skin, but on the content of your character (and that ain’t much).  You are an asshole.

All Hail the Commander and Chief!

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NPR is broadcasting this morning on the return of great and glorious international relations under the  wise and pious guidance of President Obama.  Of course my interest is piqued!  Has the Korean peninsula been reunited?  Peace in the Middle East?  Has China finally seen the light, agreed with Richard Gere and freed Tibet?  What oh what has The One saved (while simultaneously healing the planet and finally, for the first time in human history, cared for the sick and poor)?

He spent the afternoon in Ottawa chatting with the Canadian Prime Minister.  Thank God for President Obama.  Because everyone knows how wretched our relations have been with our biggest trading partner, and sharing the world’s largest demilitarized border.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I was the first one to call out former President Bush when he dispatched the 10th Mountain Division to seize the Stanley Cup, and in the process decimated the Canadian contingent of the NHL.  And I was as appalled as anyone when he nuked Montreal.  I’ve been there several times, great strip clubs, just keep an eye on the change left over from the bill, the waitresses have a habit of forgetting elementary math when it comes to exchange rates.  But still, was it necessary to wipe out their economy? 

But now, thanks to The One, that often neglected, poorly-treated, and utterly ignored fellow resident of North America is back in the fold.  Maybe now we can get some decent writing on SNL again. 

Oh yeah, he also admitted to the Canadians he was lying during the campaign when he decreed the North American Free Trade agreement unfair and in need of serious reworking or dropping all together.  But of course, anyone who pays even the slightest attention to American politics knew that already.

February 19, 2009

And on the seventh day He created 300,000 jobs

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The confusion, which Paterson aides blame on the size of the stimulus and its rushed passage in Washington, has ignited concern among officials that they won’t be able to take full advantage of the money available, which the White House estimates could create or save 215,000 jobs in New York.

There’s that phrase again.  The exact number changes, mutates, evolves (or maybe devolves) but the preceding words don’t.  “Save or create” whatever number of “jobs” the Messiah’s plan is purported to magically do something with. 

Can anyone tell me just how does one measure a “saved job”?  How do we know it was saved by The One, as opposed to, say, maybe the economy, all by itself did it?  How exactly does the President’s “brain trust” determine that?  Who invented liquid soap and why?

The part that burns my butt is that the unnatural growth on Obama’s ass, also referred to as the mainstream media, couldn’t care less about the details.  They’re too busy screaming like teenage girls at a Beatles concert.  “Oh, oh, he looked at me, did you see that!  He looked right at me!”

February 18, 2009


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Does anyone outside of the world of economics have an idea what incentives are?  Before I come off as insulting to readers, “anyone” refers to modern liberals.  I’m being sarcastic – or is that ironic?  As an amateur comedian you’d think I’d know the difference like the glorious naked ass of my screen saver. 

Incentives are very simple.  The path of least resistance, the easy road to the treasure so eagerly sought.  What do I want, and what can I get?  Politicians in Washington, and liberals saps around the country, seem to be clueless to the definition.  To sum up simply, if you are hungry, you know you will stay hungry until you eat.  Hunger is your incentive to eat and thereby stay alive, allowing you to waste your future watching The View. 

Any one who started out life as a kid, which means every one except for possibly Cher or Madonna, knows what incentives are.  Go to bed or get taken to bed.  Do you home work, or get the belt.  Clean your room or stay there till you can no longer stand the smell of your own used underwear.  Hell, even puppies get the picture, poop on the paper or wear it on your nose for a while.  Well, unless you have a really nutty dog like the one I had about a dozen years ago who decided he not only liked the smell, but the taste as well.  We moved the cat’s litter box down into the basement over that one. 

As Tony Barretta famously said years ago “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”  The “time” is the incentive to not do the “crime.”  Incentives are actually really great ways of finding your way down the road of life.  If it hurts when you pee on an electric fence, don’t.  If you lick a piece of metal when it’s below zero, your tongue will get frozen to it.  Don’t laugh, it happens.  My uncle told me about how his older brothers talked him into it, then left him frozen to a bridge while they continued on their way to school.  Older brothers, can’t live with ’em, pass the Cheetos. 

Basic free market economics is simple.  We have ‘resources’ – stuff at our disposal, we have goals – stuff we want, and incentives tell us how to best use our resources to reach our goals.  Or, cross start and collect $200.  Want $200? Make it all the way around the Monopoly board. 

What happens if you have no house, no money, no food, and want a place to crash, cool, unnecessary stuff and food? What options are available?  GET.  A.  JOB

Not any more.  We are back in the nanny state, only this time on steroids.  Can’t afford the mortgage payments on a 450 gazillion square foot house in Malibu close enough to swap recipes with Babs Streisand over the back fence?  Not a problem, the government will tell whatever sap ended up with the remnants of the subprime mortgage mess in his portfolio to eat the loss.  Can’t peel yourself away from the reality shows on your Rent-A-Center big screem plasma TV to get a McJob?  Piece of cake, slice o’ pie, the government will just send you a bigger check so you can keep searching for french fries in the folds of your ever-expanding waist line. 

Do not get me wrong.  I have no problem with the social safety net, but I have a real problem with a social safety hammock.  (h/t Bill Whittle)  And yes I know there are people out there in desperate need of help.  I actually search them out and try to help them.  I do so with my own money, not yours.  And if you do not understand, explicitly, about the type of people I am referring to, consider yourself considerably lucky.  I have not been so lucky for several times in my life.  It’s not pleasant by any means.  I’ll never forget the parties when the monthly dole check showed up.  They’d blow the whole thing in a weekend bash living up the good life, then spend the rest of the month scraping by waiting for the next one to magically show up.  I will never forget one episode where they grabbed a busted propane grill I had out on the curb for garbage, and cooked steaks on it.  How ever they didn’t have any propane, and no way to get where propane was sold, and even if they did, they had no money because they’d just blown it all on beer and steaks and lottery tickets.  So they walked down to the dollar store and bought some of those scary self-lighting logs people buy who can’t master the concept of paper and fire.  You know, the kind soaked in all kinds of petroleum chemicals so they start up with one match.  They cooked their feast on them.  Officially, they are now getting a bigger check. 

Guess what kind of incentive that gives them?

February 17, 2009

Faux homeless on parade

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Now this one just burns my ass.

Forget about Ms. Hughes’ fallacy that President Obama is the male Oprah.  Forget about the charity organizations that say (and I believe them) they offered help.  Skip past all that MSM crap, and key in on the very last line.  

“The Thompson’s say they are sad Henrietta has to defend herself against these allegations and they will continue to help her. They also hope it doesn’t deter other people from helping.”

So, people who spend their careers actually helping people in need are dissed by politicians who are only down in the muck of we, the unwashed masses, trolling for photo ops to make themselves look good.

Stress has been defined by at least one person as the confusion that is caused when the body over rides the mind’s urge to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it.  

After reading this, I.  Am.  Stressed.


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Adding muscle to your vocabulary….. Bipartisanship! I’m listening to NPR on the radio this morning while I pretend to look busy at work. And NPR’s favorite word since the coronation of the messiah has been bipartisanship. But what exactly is bipartisanship? Normal reason would dictate it’s two “parties” “working together” to probably achieve something. But we’re not talking normal vocabulary here, the kind We The People use to make things more understandable. We’re dealing with the political version of the word, as defined by the main stream media, or as I refer to them, that totally gross blob stuck to the ass of President Obama and the Democratic party. No, the MSM is working off a new definition of bipartisanship, in that, it means doing what President Obama and, by extension, what the MSM wants. Not content with already having mortgaged my future and the future of my daughter, they are currently attempting to loot my some day grandchild, and that person, as yet unborn grand children’s future, all in the name of creating an unstoppable juggernaut of democratic patronage jobs and citizens so dependent on federal welfare, it never even occurs to them to ask if that’s the proper way an American should order their life. Nope, where we’re heading here is a vast nation of sheep where 50% + 1 of voters perform only two functions in life, first vote Democrat, and secondly, spend their time watching reality TV shows while waiting for their welfare checks. So the President calls Republican Senators and Congress people and asks them to shut up and do what he wants. NPR refers to that as bipartisanship. Then the President has some Republican Senators over to the White House for fancy snacks and drinks. NPR refers to that as bipartisanship. And the President has photo ops where republican politicians can have their picture taken with The One to prove to future generations they were close enough to touch the hem of the messiah’s robes. NPR refers to that as bipartisanship. So, to properly vet the news, bipartisanship would seem to mean offering nothing more than niceties, while standing firm on his own commitment to loot the entire future of America is the new definition of bipartisanship. And therefore, objecting to fraud on a level that even Ponzi couldn’t comprehend, is not bipartisanship. No. For the correct definition of bipartisanship, we turn to that slightly strange looking, baseball worshipping, and eternally boring right-wing pundit, George Will. Bipartisanship is when the two parties come together in an effort that benefits the ruling class over We The People. Watch out for true “bipartisanship.”

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