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February 3, 2009

The trillion dollar broken window fallacy

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Some modern liberal is on the phone with Sean Hannity right now, rooting  for the Democrat’s stimulus behemoth bill flying through their Congress like crap through a goose.  His “enlightened” view point was, if government doesn’t spend (waste) the money (We The People’s private property) on this bill (pile of refuse), then spend (confiscate private property) it where (to which greedy parasite like groups)?

The question “where to spend” isn’t even valid.  Government isn’t deciding where to spend.  Spending assumes one already posseses the resources necessary to enter into a voluntary contract in a free market.  Government doesn’t have, government takes.  The cream of the crop of the political brain trust of modern America, as deemed by the electorate, is not deciding where to spend, they are deciding what to move.  From the private sector to the public sector.  They are deciding how to reorder American society.  They are deciding who will gain, and every one who doesn’t, will give

Normally I consider Republicans as slightly less putrid than Democrats, in that they at least talk a good game.  Of course once in power, they try to out liberal, modern liberals.  And that got me thinking, that does make them even worse than  dems, because the dems openly campaign on dismantling the Great American Experiment.  At least they’re telling you the truth on that part. 

Either way, it seems to me, even though I feel like I’m tending to a prostitute, I’m forced to root for the GOP Senators, because they are the only ones who can stop this.  I believe it was Dr. Johnny Fever who once said e.e cummings once said the lost cause was the only cause worth fighting for.  Let’s see if the GOP can fight.


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