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February 5, 2009

The Vampire State

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I’m listening to the local AM talk radio station while avoiding productive work.  An interview with State Senator Tom Libous.  He’s talking about Albany’s plans for fixing the $8 billion gaping hole in last year’s New York State budget.  You have to hand it to Albany.  Only they can actually be worse than the putrid swamp in Washington.  There’s a reason no New Yorker since FDR has been elected President. 

Get this, increase in the SUNY (State University of New York) tuition.  

The cash doesn’t go to the schools, instead it’s headed to the general fund.  Real nice planning there boys and girls. Other childish tantrums such as the infamous “obesity tax” has been enlarged from sugary soda to fruit drinks.  I guess orange juice is a major contributor to obesity because, well, a majority of hack politicians in Albany have pondered the health implications of it, and rule with sage wisdom. 

There’s a bunch of other misc crap, like making every car owner in the state buy new license plates because they can make us pay more for them.  That always burns my ass.  I had to buy new plates a few years ago.  Why?  Ca-ching. That’s why.

Here’s the one that really gets the ulcer going.  The steaming pile of feces have decided to raise taxes on health insurance.  Day in day out we’re barraged with news reports on how the entire American health care industry is half an inch from death.  So what does Albany do?  Makes it more expensive.  And what happens when the cost of health insurance goes up?  If you said more and more people can’t afford it, move to the head of the class.  And what happens when more and more people can’t afford it?  They end up on the public dole.  And what does that do to the state budget?  You got it, guarantees the next budget crisis.

Last person in New York won’t have to bother to turn off the lights.  No one will be able to afford electricity with the new taxes on it. 

The only thing I can think of is the collective population of New Yorkers should drive straight to Albany, grab every one who voted for this, and rub their noses in it just like when paper training a pup.  Who am I kidding.  You can teach a dog right from wrong.  You can’t teach corrupt money grubbing politicians anything.


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