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February 9, 2009

May I see your free speech license, comrade?

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Isn’t it funny how modern liberals are always open to opposing views, as long as they are a tiny minority?  But as soon as opposing views start looking like a crowd who might decide to tell a politician to stuff it where the lobbyists roam, suddenly, we need standards.  And I wonder exactly what those standards might be?  My guess is any one who doesn’t agree with the current incarnation of the ruling class should be silenced.  Not all at once.  Just a little at a time, till slowly they fade away.  And before you know it, they’re showing up as relics on the antique road show*.

* Which, by the way, should have a real wizz-bang of a new season, economic stimulus you know.  Just think how many new, green, long-lasting jobs will be created by coaxing old people to watch shows about garage sales.


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