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February 10, 2009

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others

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I find myself in a quandary. 

In the midst of the most turbulent financial times of my adult life, we are living in the middle of extremely interesting times, and by that I mean the kind of times the ancient Chinese thought worthy of cursing one to live in.  I find myself drowning in the tidal wave of information on the ongoing, daring, daylight heist of the future of America by the reigning democrats. 

And I can’t figure out what part to write about at the moment.

There’s too much.  I just want to run off and hide in a good book for a few hours.  I love reading, have been a big reader, even as a kid.  One of my favorite books is Orwell’s Animal Farm.  Being the youngest of four kids, I’d see the same books brought home by my older brother and sisters, and occasionally I’d pick them up and take a read.  I read Animal Farm every time one of them was assigned it in English class, and I read it the fourth time when I took that class in school.  I read it three or four times afterwards, and recently bought a copy for my teenage daughter (who ignored it, even with the bribe of cold hard cash for a book report on it) so I read it again.

We are living in Animal Farm right now.  The history is changing.  The pigs (in the story) are changing before our eyes to half humans (also in the story).  Some animals are now officially more equal than others.  Little provisos and addendum are tagged on where they weren’t before, and like the animals on the farm ‘funny I don’t remember that, but there it is.’  We’ve gone from “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” to “Holy friggin crap, we’re going down, quick, give us a trillion dollars before it’s too late.”  

Now, the bedrock values and morals that created the greatest nation humanity as ever produced are the failed policies of the past.  The editor of this blog (does your blog have an editor?) does not appreciate when I refer to America with chest-thumping pride as the greatest.  But even he has admitted, as bad as America is, we are light years ahead of the rest of the world in having a pretty decent life, where for the most part, we can do what we want.

And now, that’s all on the chopping block.  President Obama is making the rounds, loudly proclaiming, everything that made America great is wrong.  No more will people have to rely on the lifetime of hard work to attain the great American dream.  Instead, the government will just issue us one.  Just call your reps and tell them to do what ever Obama and Comp. tell them to.  Trust them.

No.  Not me.  I’m sticking with George, Thomas, John, James, Ben, Patrick, Samuel, Nathan and the rest.  They had it right.  Give me liberty, or give me death.  Regardless of what the rest of America does, I refuse to give in and become a government parasite.  I will survive despite their best attempts to suck the life out of my soul. 

Game on.


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