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February 17, 2009


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Adding muscle to your vocabulary….. Bipartisanship! I’m listening to NPR on the radio this morning while I pretend to look busy at work. And NPR’s favorite word since the coronation of the messiah has been bipartisanship. But what exactly is bipartisanship? Normal reason would dictate it’s two “parties” “working together” to probably achieve something. But we’re not talking normal vocabulary here, the kind We The People use to make things more understandable. We’re dealing with the political version of the word, as defined by the main stream media, or as I refer to them, that totally gross blob stuck to the ass of President Obama and the Democratic party. No, the MSM is working off a new definition of bipartisanship, in that, it means doing what President Obama and, by extension, what the MSM wants. Not content with already having mortgaged my future and the future of my daughter, they are currently attempting to loot my some day grandchild, and that person, as yet unborn grand children’s future, all in the name of creating an unstoppable juggernaut of democratic patronage jobs and citizens so dependent on federal welfare, it never even occurs to them to ask if that’s the proper way an American should order their life. Nope, where we’re heading here is a vast nation of sheep where 50% + 1 of voters perform only two functions in life, first vote Democrat, and secondly, spend their time watching reality TV shows while waiting for their welfare checks. So the President calls Republican Senators and Congress people and asks them to shut up and do what he wants. NPR refers to that as bipartisanship. Then the President has some Republican Senators over to the White House for fancy snacks and drinks. NPR refers to that as bipartisanship. And the President has photo ops where republican politicians can have their picture taken with The One to prove to future generations they were close enough to touch the hem of the messiah’s robes. NPR refers to that as bipartisanship. So, to properly vet the news, bipartisanship would seem to mean offering nothing more than niceties, while standing firm on his own commitment to loot the entire future of America is the new definition of bipartisanship. And therefore, objecting to fraud on a level that even Ponzi couldn’t comprehend, is not bipartisanship. No. For the correct definition of bipartisanship, we turn to that slightly strange looking, baseball worshipping, and eternally boring right-wing pundit, George Will. Bipartisanship is when the two parties come together in an effort that benefits the ruling class over We The People. Watch out for true “bipartisanship.”


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