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February 19, 2009

And on the seventh day He created 300,000 jobs

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The confusion, which Paterson aides blame on the size of the stimulus and its rushed passage in Washington, has ignited concern among officials that they won’t be able to take full advantage of the money available, which the White House estimates could create or save 215,000 jobs in New York.

There’s that phrase again.  The exact number changes, mutates, evolves (or maybe devolves) but the preceding words don’t.  “Save or create” whatever number of “jobs” the Messiah’s plan is purported to magically do something with. 

Can anyone tell me just how does one measure a “saved job”?  How do we know it was saved by The One, as opposed to, say, maybe the economy, all by itself did it?  How exactly does the President’s “brain trust” determine that?  Who invented liquid soap and why?

The part that burns my butt is that the unnatural growth on Obama’s ass, also referred to as the mainstream media, couldn’t care less about the details.  They’re too busy screaming like teenage girls at a Beatles concert.  “Oh, oh, he looked at me, did you see that!  He looked right at me!”


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