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February 20, 2009

All Hail the Commander and Chief!

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NPR is broadcasting this morning on the return of great and glorious international relations under the  wise and pious guidance of President Obama.  Of course my interest is piqued!  Has the Korean peninsula been reunited?  Peace in the Middle East?  Has China finally seen the light, agreed with Richard Gere and freed Tibet?  What oh what has The One saved (while simultaneously healing the planet and finally, for the first time in human history, cared for the sick and poor)?

He spent the afternoon in Ottawa chatting with the Canadian Prime Minister.  Thank God for President Obama.  Because everyone knows how wretched our relations have been with our biggest trading partner, and sharing the world’s largest demilitarized border.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I was the first one to call out former President Bush when he dispatched the 10th Mountain Division to seize the Stanley Cup, and in the process decimated the Canadian contingent of the NHL.  And I was as appalled as anyone when he nuked Montreal.  I’ve been there several times, great strip clubs, just keep an eye on the change left over from the bill, the waitresses have a habit of forgetting elementary math when it comes to exchange rates.  But still, was it necessary to wipe out their economy? 

But now, thanks to The One, that often neglected, poorly-treated, and utterly ignored fellow resident of North America is back in the fold.  Maybe now we can get some decent writing on SNL again. 

Oh yeah, he also admitted to the Canadians he was lying during the campaign when he decreed the North American Free Trade agreement unfair and in need of serious reworking or dropping all together.  But of course, anyone who pays even the slightest attention to American politics knew that already.


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