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February 26, 2009

The Two Americas

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Well, it’s beginning to sound like we really are all socialists now.  I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon and there’s a steady stream of callers complaining about the rearrangement of our society into a more perfect utopia as dreamed by President Obama, and his trolls Pelosi and Reid

One lady was discussing how badly they would be hit by the new taxes because they make right around $250,000 a year.  They’re deciding what businesses to close in order to fall below the line in the sand.  No doubt putting people out of work, cutting benefits, etc.  In the middle of that morbid conversation, she gets a call from the Democratic National Committee, looking for political donations. 

A second caller is the wife of a heart surgeon.  They make $400,000 on paper, but after expenses, they are nowhere near that number.  For a standard open heart surgery operation – including 25 days of hospital – the feds reimburse him through Medicare to the tune of $2,500.  Which the Democrats have announced they intend to reduce.  She said they’ve already discussed it, and the first spending they’re cutting back on is charitable giving.  She added many of her friends have been discussing the same issue, and coming to the same conclusion, cut back or eliminate donations. Then she tossed in the punch line.  When those who have stop giving donations to those who don’t have, charities will close down.  

And all their clients will have just one place to go – the government.

On the Senate side of the house there are two pieces of legislation moving through that pig sty to pass a virtual “fairness doctrine.”  Diversity of ownership and “local content” are the two silver bullets to silence the opposition.

The House is debating about legislating authority to judges to “cram down” mortgage contracts.  A cram down means a judge looks at the balance owed on a mortgage and can reduce it as he sees fit.  Have a legal, valid, contract with a home purchaser?  On paper they legally owe you, say, $150,000?  With the strike of a pen, the judge says you are now owed only $75,000.  How’s that for property rights?

And in the White House, the President is talking about another $750 billion for bank bailouts.

We are indeed living in dark times. 

Over the past decades of my life I’ve come to the conclusion there are basically two kinds of Americans.  All citizens look to the unknown future and see potential, possibilities, pitfalls, problems, failures and success.  One kind of American looks to that unknown and is thrilled to have the freedom and resources to build what they see fit in that vast unknown future, carve out their own piece of the American dream for themselves and their family and friends.  The other kind of American looks at that unknown and is wracked with fear and trepidation.  No one is in control.  There’s no one to guide them by the hand.  They fear failure.  They’re terrified what might happen to them.  They want security.  They want order out of chaos.  And they want some one who will promise them they will succeed. 

Apparently there are a significant number of the latter, as is obvious by the results of the last election.  Here is where the slime of society come into play.  Politicians who see this fear.  They prey on the scared.  They tell them their fear is real and justified.  They should fear the other type of American, because they are preventing the scared Americans from being free from their fear.  If only the scared people will elect them to office, they will punish those who aren’t afraid.  They will carve order out of the chaos of the unknown future. 

But they can’t.  No one can.  John Lennon once sang ‘life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.’ No one, no matter how intelligent, no matter how smart, no matter how lucky can predict the future.  No one can tell you what they can’t possibly know, the future.  

And they are now in control of everything.


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