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February 27, 2009

The fairness of a government monopoly

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Yesterday Rush Limbaugh’s program was about as depressing as any freedom-loving patriot could stand.  The Congress is going balls to the wall to shut down his affiliates in order to silence him.   It is indeed sad to see the once great and glorious American Experiment fall to such depths that Congress itself would attempt to silence their fellow Americans. 

But I started thinking about this overnight, and I’ve changed my opinion.  Just tune into any MSM news outlet, and you can hear the joy and euphoria for the messiah who now walks among us.  Adversarial government is a thing of the past.  The Democrats are in the driver’s seat for at least a generation. 

So why are they picking on Rush?  If they really believed they were in control for good, then what’s the rush (no pun intended) to push through all this legislation?  Not only would they be able to take as much time as they want, they wouldn’t even have to.  Rush could be left to his tiny audience, an arcane and obscure relic from bygone days, like pink flamingo lawn ornaments.  But they aren’t.  Those are not the acts of the confident.  Those are the acts of someone trying to consolidate power. 

And look who they’re going after.  It’s not Cato or Heritage or the NRA.  They’re going after freedom of speech.  Of course politicians in general, and modern liberals in particular, long ago did away with anything other then the vaguest of lip service to constitutional restrictions of federal powers. 

The only logical conclusion, is that they are still worried.  Like the last soldiers standing after a skirmish.


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