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March 2, 2009

Never forget

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President Obama’s great and glorious plan for We The People is starting to come clear.  We The People should be worried.  Very worried

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a merry band of political conservatives came up with half-baked idea on how to limit the size of government.  Massive tax cuts.  Starve the evil beast in Washington.  No food (money) for its endless stream of programs, hand-outs, and regulations, the plan went, and the politicians in Washington DC would have no choice but to limit government’s size and scope. 

In theory, sounded like it might be worth thinking about.  In practice, however, was another story.  Not only was spending not cut to match the fewer dollars coming into the federal coffers, spending continued to climb, they just borrowed, invented it, played budget games, and, when in doubt, print it.  The overall idea, government so strapped for funds, it could never become a monolithic, socialistic state, heading for the good old USSR, might have worked, had spending stayed low.  But the real goal was to take the issue off the table once and for all.  

Make no mistake, this was not a plan to destroy government, but merely restricted politicians squabbling over a smaller bucket of money.  

President Obama and his crew are trying to do the same thing, only in reverse.  They are in the process of trying to grow government so big, and so fast, there can never again be any type of sane argument made to cut taxes. Government will be so big, consume so much, that it can’t ever be reigned in.  Ever.  They are trying to take the concept of limited government off the table permanently.

And if they can pull this off for a generation or two, they will succeed.  Ronald Reagan used to say America was never more than a generation away from tyranny.  Two generations go past with the concept of shrinking government not taken seriously, and it could be gone for good.

I promise you, my loyal readers (both of you), I will not let the concepts of limited government, freedom and opportunity die.  My daughter is learning it every day.  I hope she will do the same.  When Americans get a taste of what life under a leviathan socialist state is like, they will yearn for alternatives.  Let’s all do our part to make sure those future comrades have some valid ideas on what to to.


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