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March 5, 2009

Just one more

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Aw, you have to love populists. They get up on their soap box on corners and use fiery rhetoric to explain to the unwashed masses exactly why they are one hundred percent correct, no matter what their opinion, and the only thing preventing them from entering Valhalla – here on earth – is some rich guy who’s stolen everything they’ve ever wanted, including the digitally remastered, completely restored, gold edition of “COPS: The Early Years”. While pundits on both sides of the aisle (are there even two aisles these days?) debate what shade of socialism goes best with either the Capitol or the White House, We The People, thanks to the internet, have a real time teaching moment, on just what Washington DC is debating about how we will our lives in the neatly, socially-engineered future. Hugo Chavez offers a stellar example of what the modern liberals, democrats, Congress and the Obama administration would really like to do. Currently they’re working on how best to “lean” America in that direction, so that future generations will look back on them with awe, like Cameron Diaz’s loving gaze at her Che’ Guevera hand bag. With oil running about $140 a barrel, and money pouring in, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez was every man’s hero. A modern Christ figure, capable to show that nation’s poor how government could fulfill the ideals religion only hinted at. There is a reason Karl Marx took dead aim at religion. Communism sought to create a vacuum in the individual’s life, that was perfect for their ideology to fill. Wax on, wax off.

These days I can buy a barrel of sweet Iraqi crude for less than $50 a barrel off a street corner on my way home from Church on Sunday. Guess what that’s doing for the coffers of the New New (New?) World Order Hugo Chavez is hawking to whoever will (and an entire nation who has no choice) listen? He’s going after every segment of the free market he can take over. Now what other nation’s government is floating trial balloons on the same subject? Hugo Chavez just nationalized the Venezuela’s agriculture and food distribution systems. Which means the only people who are going to get food, are the people who tow the line. First he started with that nation’s oil industry. Then he went for the cement industry. (Who knew cement was such a scarce resource in South America?) Then he went after communications. I believe he’s already done the food distribution system. Now the food industry itself. Because, you see, this is what populists do. They explain, all they need is the authority to take over one, single, aspect of the private economy, and then everything will be right as rain. Okay, so they decide they need one more industry, then it will be utopia. Did they just say one more industry? They mean one more. And then one more. And then one more, all in an endless circle of promising just one more government take over, and that will be the final piece of the puzzle. Wait. Did they just say one more industry? Do you notice a pattern here?

Pay attention. Please, pay attention.


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