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March 6, 2009


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I’m sure most every voter out there who pays attention the consequences of actions has a long litany of politicians they love to hate.  I have one that I just plain hate.  My esteemed, distinguished member of Congress, the honorable Maurice Hinchey is a politician I hate, because he deserves it.  Perhaps ‘hate’ is the wrong word.  It’s not that it’s too strong, its that the hate leaves the impression of a strong emotional attachment – negatively, or course –  and I wouldn’t waste my time with this embarrassment to New York state long enough to develop emotions that strong.  I’ll have to work on finding the correct term that describes how I would feel watching some one lancing a festering boil on their own ass.

Let me give you a little example of the towering intellect of this guy.  I listen to talk radio while I’m working.  I can’t listen to music because I stop working and listen to it, but I can tune out talk radio when I need to.  A couple of years ago I was listening to Hannity.  Hinchey called in for an interview claiming he had proof positive that Karl Rove was guilty of some outrageous moral sin, which escapes me at the moment.  Hannity asked what the proof was, and this guy launches into some conspiracy laden rant about a totally different subject.  My guess is he was trying to assemble the usual stock of smoke and mirrors that’s more than sufficient enough to preach to any modern liberal in the choir.

Hannity says, no, that’s not what he asked him, answer the question.  Hinchey starts at the beginning of his rant again. Hannity cuts him off again, and then re-asks his original question.  Same thing. So Hannity cuts him off again.  And this goes on for about four or five minutes till Hannity tells him if he doesn’t answer the question, the interview is over.  In classic modern liberal moron fashion, Hinchey starts over again from the beginning.  Click, Hannity dumps him and continues with the show.

So he’s taking other calls, or telling people how great his show is, babbling on, he gets a voice in his ear head phones.  He stops.  What?  He hung up on Hinchy, but Hinchy didn’t hang up, he’s still on his side of the call, still making his speech, and he doesn’t even realize no one is listening.  So Hannity puts him back on the air and says something like “I hung on you,” but Hinchey’s just babbling away.  It’s absolutely hilarious.  Hannity is ripping him to shreds, Hinchey is prattling on.  Funny!  Nearly fell out of my chair laughing.  Two things lept to mind: first this guy is such a dunce he didn’t even an intern in another room keeping tabs on how it was going.  And he couldn’t prevent some one like Hannity from making such a public fool of him.  I could beat Hannity in a debate, his style is that simple.  He frames the debate, then takes the upper hand by demanding answers to specific questions that lead you like trail right into his rhetorical trap.  Just refuse to allow him to lead you, and he’s done.

Back to the point.

For the first six years of the Bush administration, this whiny, fake, over-blown, self-delusional twinkie screamed daily to any news organization that would run slow enough for him to chase down and tackle how Bush and the Republicans were spending and borrowing America straight to hell.  Over and over and over this annoying face and voice in my local news, my local paper, my local radio.  It’s maddening.  I hate people who say there ought to be a law against something just because they don’t approve of it, but there really ought to be a law against this guy bothering me.  I wonder if maybe somewhere in the Geneva Convention?

And what do I see in this morning’s paper?  Hinchey screaming that the $418 billion piece of shit stuffed into a fifteen cent bag, and I quote:

“Given the country’s economic condition, it’s essential that the earmarks be put in there,” Hinchey said. “It’s up to the Congress to determine how the money be spent.”

You know what?  Before I lose my job, my house, what’s left of my retirement fund, and my freedom and liberty, I think it’s about time to go buy a tri-corner hat and a pitchfork.  (I’m not really that great with firearms, and flintlocks look particularly complicated).

These thieves have got to be stopped.


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  1. Maurice is such a total moonbat that he could only be from NY or CA.

    Comment by nyexpat — March 6, 2009 @ 11:18 pm

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