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March 13, 2009

The audacity of hoping for failure

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Rush Limbaugh is on vacation, some charity event and he’s got Jason Lewis in as a sub.  He’s been playing Rush’s big speech at CPAC from a little while ago.  I started to watch it on TV the night it was on, but my daughter came down to watch TV with me, and I knew even if she liked it initially, she’d soon get bored.  On the upside it would have meant I could watch it in peace and quiet.  But she’d had a pretty rough week at school, and the fatherhood kicked in, and instead we watched South Park Bigger, Longer, Uncut instead.  Don’t worry, she’s almost 16, has been a big South Park fan for years, and hears equivalent profanity at her Catholic high school hallways.  Though, I knew she’d be impressed at Parker & Stone’s sheer audacity.  She was, and we had a wonderful time.  I relaxed the no cursing law for the evening, and we spent it singing about Uncles doing unholy things. 

Rush is quite the public speaker.  I’d caught bits and pieces of it already.  But it was rousing to hear from start to end.  He improvises all his speeches, he says he never writes anything down, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t jot a few thoughts while preparing.  I know I do.  Getting hard to remember everything.  Most people believe the memory goes with age.  I wonder just how much of it has to do with how many experiences a human brain can remember.  But I digress.

He did a nice summation of his recent controversy on wanting President Obama to fail.  He explained it for those who hadn’t heard it, or might not understand what he meant.  I didn’t need it explained.  If some criminal is hell bent on breaking into my home, stealing my stuff, possibly injuring or killing my family or myself, your damn right I’m hell bent on his failure.  If he succeeds, I lose.  If I succeed, he loses.  I want to succeed so much that he ends up in jail for a very long time, pondering if it was really such a good idea to become a thief in the first place. 

It’s the exact same with the modern liberal democrats running the asylum we call Washington.  They want to take apart the Great American Experiment, which has worked pretty damn well for the last 230+ years.  Sure America has problems, has screwed up, making things even worse than before.  But it’s still the greatest nation humanity has ever produced.  Take America’s pluses and minuses and average them up and I know America has a hugely better batting average than than around 95 – 99% of all other nations.  I’m impressed.

They want to take this great idea, that here is one place in the world where government does not control us, we control government.  Unleash the talents of the unwashed masses, allow them opportunity to succeed, not all will, probably few if any will be totally satisfied, but with hard work, and perseverance, I’m willing to bet they stand a better than even chance of winning.  President Obama and his socialists want to end that because they don’t think it’s fair that some should fail.  Well guess what, I don’t think it’s fair I inherited both my grandfather’s hair (or rather, lack thereof).  

Get over it.

The only possible way for the socialists to succeed is for We The People to lose freedom.  I don’t want We The People to lose anything.  I want us to win.  That means President Obama and the socialists to fail.  The forces are diametrically opposed, and there is no way to reconcile that.  More government means less freedom.  More freedom means less government.  That’s all there is to it.

Get over it.


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