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March 20, 2009

A confederacy of dunces

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This is getting absolutely ludicrous, and I ain’t talking about any hip-hop nation. 

By now every one and their mother’s heard the moral indignation being hurled at AIG executives.  Either that or you’ve been under a rock for the last several days, in which case, why are you reading this on the internet?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that you think our humble blog is THE source for breaking news, but I’m highly skeptical of that  ego boost, so let’s assume you know some of the background.

To begin with, AIG said it was going under.  The feds said “say it ain’t so Joe, say it ain’t so.”  And then wrote them a specially designed check long enough to hold a bunch of zeros. 

Then AIG said, not enough, we’re going down for the second time.  So Uncle Sam got all teary eyed, and cut another check. 

Then AIG said, this is it bro, we’re getting tazed.  So the democrats and President Obama crammed it into the grossly bloated stimulus package.

So AIG has all that money (and are eying up some more), when they did exactly what companies are supposed to do, work.  And part of that is paying their employees.  Which they did, with gross, over-the-top bonuses for executives in the division that tanked, financial products.  

Then the fun started.  Some one either leaked the info, or inadvertently misplaced something, but whatever happened, the MS dived on the story like a buzzard circling the US economy.  The MSM just loves stories like this, it has everything.  Good guys in white hats, bad guys in black hats – very easy to determine.  Toss in several wheelbarrows full of class warfare and envy, sprinkle in some outraged democratic demagoguery, cram it down the throats of viewers, they’re done for the day, off to happy hour.

Then things started getting interesting. 

It turns out all the politicians, both breeds, the carps and the suckers, who’d been screaming outrage over AIG’s dirty, rotten, filthy, reprehensible actions, learned, AIG was simply following the law that congress had written, and the President signed.  You remember the stimulus bill, don’t you?  The one Obama practically hyperventilated over trying to convince American voters had to support 100% without having the slightest idea what was in it, because if it didn’t pass immediately, oh, I don’t know, the apocalypse ala South Park

So the good Obamatrons lined up like sheep, dutifully scared any member of Congress who might somehow have escaped the President’s charm, and was wavering, and we avoided the end of the world.  This time

Well guess what happens when politicians hide behind closed doors, and rushes something through without any public input?  You get wonderful little clauses slipped in that do all kinds of wonderful things.  Like this one, that told AIG to honor its contracts.

When that little ditty came to light, of course democrats in Congress had the gaul to publicly state the bill that they wrote, they voted for, they sent to the President, has their fingers all over it, they had no idea how that happened!  Why if they knew that was in there everything would be different!

Then it got better.  CSI: Potomac Swamp got involved, and they found one set of fingerprints, one particularly reprehensible slime ball, Chris Dodd D-eranged had gotten caught with the sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-section. Predictably, Dodd was outraged, he would never do such a thing, perish the thought!

Then the next day, ‘oops, sorry I guess I did do it.’  But – and this is a huge but, because it supposedly absolves Dodd of all blame – but, he was told, asked, cajoled, conned, kidded, sweet talked into doing it by Geithner over at the Treasury department.

Hold on there on cotten-pickin’ minute says Geithner, he had nothing to do with it at all.  He didn’t even have time to do it because he was too busy writing checks to the IRS in order to pay his back taxes.

And today it just got more interesting.  Now Geithner says he did ask Dodd to slip that into the bill.  I can’t wait to hear how it’s not his fault because………..?

Normally I would love to just sit back and watch all this unfold, I can’t get enough of blow hard politicians getting their comeuppance.  But this is different for a variety of reasons.  First off, it’s obvious we’re being governed by buffoons who make the Three Stooges look like Einstein.  Funny?  Yes.  Until you realize that also means we are being governed by buffoons. 

Secondly, this fourth rate comedy ensemble is simultaneously preaching to us daily that government and government alone – and further more – government alone, in the hands of these Laugh-In rejects – can save America.  So, we all need to get on board their ‘Hope & Change Express’ and pay no attention to their shredding of the Great American Experiment.

If that’s not enough to depress the hell out of some one, they’re still high on their Obama ecstasy pills. 

But one last thought anyway. 

Normally I don’t give a rat’s ass what other nations think of America.  The more they say they hate us, the more proof it is to me that America has succeeded in helping them survive.  After all, dependence breeds contempt.  I consider it a sure sign it’s time to start extracting ourselves from Europe’s petty feuds.  And the other countries that say they really hate us?  Actually it’s their ‘Dear Leader’ who hates us, queue the riots, and make sure you keep the soldiers with guns forcing them to riot out of the camera shot this time.

But those countries don’t seem to hate America as much as they used to.  Did you ever wonder why?  Because they are laughing at America.  Right now, those snickers you think you might be hearing?  Well, you’re really hearing it.  And even that’s not too bad.  The ones that I’m concerned with aren’t snickering at the moment.  They are planning and executing.  I don’t just mean their government “re-educating” dissidents. 

Keep an eye on Iran, Syria, China and especially Russia.  Iran is going nuclear, Syria is slaughtering democratic activists left and right through out the middle east in general, and Lebanon in particular.  China is tripling the size of their navy, and buying decrepit old nuclear subs from Russia.

And Russia.  You know, I don’t think they ever got over the crow they ate when the entire card house of communism disintegrated.   It’s their own fault.  Did they actually believe Uncle Joe Stalin when he declared the Soviets would bury America and capitalism?  After 50 plus years of that, they deserved a fair share of shame.

Russia is flexing military muscle, and in a big way.  They are threatening Ukraine, they’ve invade Georgia, they’ve cut off – and continue to threaten to – energy pipe lines to Europe.  They’ve announced they are rebuilding their nuclear stock pile, they’re flying strategic bombers 24 x 7, and now their dealing for air bases in Venezuela and Cuba.  Now of course they aren’t gearing up for world war III.  Wars aren’t fought like that anymore. 

They sense a power vacuum caused by Obama’s Keystone Cops routine.  And they are moving into fill it.


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