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March 23, 2009

Political homers

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It is amazing how in the midst of madness, some times things become crystal clear.  

I’d heard it before, from my blog editor (yep, that’s right, I have an editor.  Do you?), but it didn’t click as the answer to so many questions posed by contact with modern liberals (idiotus gargantuas).  Rush said it again this afternoon, and the pieces started falling in place.  Drudge just sealed the deal.  Now I get it.

 By now most people have heard of the off-the-cuff comments by our Commander in Chief concerning the Special Olympics.  

The economy is in shambles, markets are frozen by lack of confidence, millions of Americans across the fruited plains have been shown the door, trillions of dollars that don’t even exist yet has been pissed away, protests are popping up from sea to shinning sea.  The President, in conference with his most trusted advisers, asks what can be done to save the day.  And from somewhere in the back, a voice chimes in “I know, Leno!”  And here I thought Joe Biden would be a silly choice for VP.  How’s that for a chilling thought?  Who makes Joe Biden sound look like a trusted and wise adviser?  President Obama.

So the leader of the Free World, Commander in Chief of the world’s sole remaining superpower, symbolic face of the United States of America, climbs onto Air Force 1, swings by Burbank and does a little face time with Jay Leno. Nothing against Leno, but don’t you think the President could have been at least that attentive to the Prime Minister of Great Britain?  I’m mean, come on, a state gift to leader of our greatest ally is a box of DVDs encoded with the protocols fro North American DVD players?  Did you hear what happened?  Brown tried to watch one of them and the White House got a call from his staff saying the only thing on the Tely was “WRONG REGION.”

But I digress.

In an attempt at improv humor – by which I mean, an attempt to make endlessly rehearsed material seem improvisational – the President basically said his bowling game is like watching the Special Olympics.  Funny?  Maybe in a bar after several rounds of tequila.  But from the President of the US?  

President Obama should just give in and admit his teleprompter is correct, and he should never, ever, ever, ad-lib again.  

But I’m still digressing.  

Here’s the great final piece of my mental puzzle on how the modern liberal brain works.  From Maria Shriver, California’s first lady, sister to Tim Shriver who helped to create the Special Olympics released a press statement condemning the tacky joke.  

The AP attempts to make things clearer for us:  “Maria Shriver says President Barack Obama’s joke comparing his poor bowling score to that of a Special Olympics athlete was hurtful, although she is sure he didn’t mean it that way.”

He “didn’t mean it that way.”

He “didn’t mean it that way.”

That explains it all. 

Modern liberals will never, ever, unless pushed to the absolute limits, offer anything that could be construed as even constructive criticism.  My editor explained it as a “team mentality” as in, my team is great no matter what they do, because they are my team, and your team sucks because it’s not my team.  He was right.  Today Rush said President Obama could do anything he wants, present Oscars, walk red carpets, say any gaff, make any mistake, insult anyone, and no modern liberal would ever say a thing bad about it, because “he’s one of them.”

In my opinion, one of the smartest people in America today is Dr. Thomas Sowell.  This little gem from a recent column: “Perhaps the best way to try to understand these reactions is to recall what Eleanor Roosevelt said when she first saw Whittaker Chambers, who had accused Alger Hiss of being a spy for the Soviet Union. Upon seeing the slouching, overweight and disheveled Chambers, she said, ‘He’s not one of us.'”

 Had Chambers been “one of them,” Shriver would have been quoting Roosevelt when she said “[A]lthough she is sure he didn’t mean it that way.”

 That is why logic, reason, facts, figures, equations, and plain damn common sense don’t work on modern liberals.  Because we aren’t ‘one of them.’  And the only way it will change is to become one of ‘them.’  Which means it ain’t never going to end.  

 The time for non-modern liberals to believe that we can reach these people if we just use logic, and try to be nice, and polite is over.  We need new tactics.


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