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April 3, 2009

Binghamton shooting

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A standard Catholic Mass consists of three main prayers. The second prayer is referred to as the Prayer of the Faithful. It’s also referred to as the petitions, since that’s basically what it is. A lengthy list of favors, for lack of a better word, the entire congregation prays for. Common petitions are from the mundane, praying for world peace, the end to war and violence, and so on and so forth. It ends with a recitation of all those parishioners who are sick or in the hospital. After each petition is recited by the cantor, we all join in replying “Lord, hear our prayer.”

At this moment, that’s all I can think of to say. Lord hear our prayer. As I type the Police, County Sheriffs, NY State Police, Swat, and the FBI is heading there too, are surrounding the American Civic Association in Binghamton, NY. At about 10:30am eastern time, at least 1 and possibly 2 Asian-Americans parked their car behind the building’s back doors to prevent any one from using them, went around to the front door, and began blasting away. Sketchy reports place the number of hostages between 30 to 40 innocent civilians. More sketchy reports place the number killed at over a dozen, with possibly as many as 20 or more injured.

The Binghamton area has long been a favored spot for the federal government to steer new immigrants. We have a long history of assimilating immigrants from nations all over the world. Back in the 1930’s, Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company employed some 22,000 workers, most all of them either themselves from another country, or the children of immigrants. The American Civic Association is one of the newcomers greatest resources. They give classes on English, civics, and help studying for their citizen test. All in all, they sound like wonderful people, reaching out to help others. And now, they are reaching out for help. I live a few miles from the building, next to a hospital. I’ve been hearing ambulances, police cars and fire trucks flying back and forth over on main street. About 20 minutes ago, the helicopter ambulance flew over head. Please pray for the souls of the dead, and the recovery of the wounded, and the healing of their families and friends.

I was going to use this soap box to rail against the inevitable cries for banning all guns. But I can’t even bring myself to do that. That fight will come, and I’ll take it on then. There is no way taking guns away from some hunters in, say, Pennsylvania, was going to stop these piss poor excuses for human beings from doing this. No guns? They could have done as much, probably more, damage with 3 or 4 propane tanks rigged as bombs. The only thing that could have stopped this was an armed, trained citizen on the inside, with the guts to put a stop to them. But that doesn’t matter, because there’s a segment of society who are salivating over this tragedy and how they can use all this tragic and senseless episode for their own political ends. Rather than let my blood boil at this human scum who visited such pain and suffering on so many people, and the scum who will try to capitalize on it, I’m going back to asking the Lord to please hear our prayer.


The stand off is over, police have stated it was a single gunman.  Two other people where seen being taken away in plastic cuffs.  The police said they were removed because they were interfering with the situation, they were not connected to the gunman.

Death toll is most likely 12 now, but look for it to climb to 15 as some of the wounded are in critical condition.

Ass wipe, scum sucking, murderous, pathetic excuse for a human who did it found dead, most likely a suicide as police fired no weapons.


Some police organizations are reported to be saying the gunman had ID on him.  Others reports say the name comes from the registration of the car used to block the rear exit.  Name is Jiverly Voong, of Johnson City, NY.  My home town.


Jiverly Voong has been identified as the human debris responsible for this.  Car used to trap victims was registered to a Johnson City address.  15 victims found safe, hiding in the boiler room, and another group found safe hiding in a closet area.


Police won’t say exactly what they believe, only exactly what they know, good for Capt. Zikuski, cheif of Binghamton Police.  They have a suspect, who’s dead body was found with spare ammo on it, but until they decide to write the report, nothing is official.  What they will say is they got a 911 call this morning at around 10:30am from a receptionist who was shot in the abdomen, the other receptionist was already dead.  Police responsoned in 3 – 5 minutes.  During that time, the scum sucker entered an English as a Second Language class, and opened fire.  Killed another 11 or 12.

The building can hold up to 100 people, which meant the possibility of a lot more dead.  Instead it was only half full, around 50, and when the gun fire broke out, the other classes headed for cover.  Police ordered them to stay put until they found them, and at that time, they treated them as potential criminals, which, if you think about it, is really the only choice they have.

That’s why it seemed to last for hours when the whole thing was basically over in about 10 minutes.  The police methodically cleared the entire buliding room by room, individual by individual.

One bit of hope, the lady who made the 911 call made it to the hospital alive, under went emergency surgery and, although, not looking good, still hanging in there.


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