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April 8, 2009

The Absent Minded Professor

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One of two purposes can be deduced when a politician relies on beating up someone of no consequence. They’re either a modern liberal or diverting attention. Now that I think about it, it could be both at the same time. For the last two plus months I’ve been listening to democrats, currently in power, bashing republicans, currently out of power. Now of course, vitriol-filled screeds from closed-minded, egotistical, bigoted, racist hate-filled modern liberals is nothing new for those affiliated with the party of love, happiness, inclusiveness, and, well, if they do say so themselves, the damn cool. The Democrat party has basically been running on a bait-and-switch platform for as long as I remember. Tell mindless sheep that if they vote “D” it’s proof they care, and then they ram it up the ass of every individual and organization who didn’t.

It’s obvious as to why. Just spend a few minutes debating any relevant issue and it’s all made clear. The modern liberal’s definition of debate is to scream louder than their opponent, drowning them out, hurling unfounded insults that have no relationship to the issue being debated, then declare they are right, and stride out in triumphant victory. Or as I like to refer to it, the “Animal House Defense*.”

* Patent Pending

Today Yahoo! says the AP said that Biden, for lack of anything intelligent to speak about, took the opportunity of a gathering of like-minded individuals and a hot mic to rail on one of the three current whipping boys for those sensitive, loving, caring, (did I say sensitive?), reasonable democrats. They are in no particular order: Bush, Cheney and/or Rush. In this case, Cheney. Now I’ve never met Cheney. He seems to be a bit of a hard ass**. And I won’t even try to justify what this supposedly ‘rugged individual’ refers to as “hunting“. But none the less, Mr. Richard Cheney is a private American citizen. He holds no office of power, no worlds are moved by his words. And lets face it, the VP is nothing more than being on deck in case Bush actually choked to death on that pretzel. Here’s what Professor Joe (who thinks “JOBS” is spelled with three letters) had to say about the private American citizen, one Mr. Richard Cheney: “Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday his predecessor, Dick Cheney, is ‘dead wrong’ when he says President Barack Obama’s national security policies are making the United States less safe. Biden said the exact opposite is true and added that President George W. Bush’s vice president was part of a dysfunctional decision-making system.”

Let me see if I have this right: Obama attended a NATO meeting “asking” for more troops for Afghanistan. He got 18 helicopters from the Dutch. He gave a speech where he talked about the Austrian language word for “wheeling and dealing.” Iran basically told him to step down, because they’re going nuclear, and they have their target. And on the day Obama calls for the end to nuclear weapons, with the US leading the way, Kim Jong Ill basically flips him the bird by launching a ballistic missile in the direction of the west coast. Years ago the modern liberal, and basically the entire left, changed the definition of “racist” to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I think we’re starting to see the attempt to change the definition of “safe” from one where rogue nations are wary but hatefully respectful of America to where they walk all over us, spit in our face, and laugh out loud at America. I guess, technically, that is ‘change.’

**As a matter of fact, there are plenty of positions in America where a hard ass is exactly what you need. I didn’t say want, I didn’t say desire, I said need. I consider the President one of those offices. I never thought it applied much to the VP. But what the hell? It’s a dangerous world. Do you really want Captain Kangaroo or Mr. Rodgers staring down Putin during a nuclear stand off? A friend of mine had a work place accident that ended up in court. I asked him about his lawyer. He said he loved him. The lawyer was such an asshole that even he hated him. In other words, a brutal, violent, dirty fighting gladiator who’s weapon of choice is law. Exactly the kind of lawyer I want working for me when the legal steel cage match starts.


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