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April 13, 2009

Gonna Buy me a dog…..

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I’m listening to Hannity at the moment, and he’s got some wacko caller on the line who’s fed up with the President’s lies. Which one in particular finally tipped the balance?

He promised to get his kids a shelter dog, and instead got one as a present from “The Swimmer“. One of those little, hairy things my cat eats for dinner.

There are more than enough reasons to have strong reservations against the current administration. If you need some examples, read my earlier posts.

But come on, this is ridiculous. Some guy gives his family a dog for a present, and because he accepts the gift, he’s a schmuck?

Get a grip people. Get a grip.

One last point, I’m currently looking for a new dog myself. My loving, trusty, companion, finally succumbed to old age a month or so ago. My family is heart broken. I insist my daughter understand, we’re not looking to replace “Stella.” You replace batteries, not life-long companions. Stella goes down in our own family history as “our” dog for 14 years. Those are some pretty big paw prints to fill. I’m optimistic.

But I sure as hell ain’t getting some little rat-dog thing like Kennedy gave them. If there’s crap going on out in front of my house, late at night, I want a dog that will get their attention, not crack them up.

Give me a nice Rottie mix. Can’t get a full bred one, I’ll lose my home owner’s policy. That’s bad enough, but if I lose that, there goes my discount for my auto insurance. And that I can not tolerate. (I’m kidding.)

I’m gonna buy me a dog!


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