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April 29, 2009

30 Seconds Over Manhattan

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By now its no longer breaking news, the fly-boys over at the White House thought it’d be super-duoer cool to buzz lower Manhattan in a 747 being tailed by two fighter jets.  The metaron’s version of the events left something to be desired.  Gibbs replied to questions from the Press, they should contact the White House.  A line made even nuttier seeing as he’s the White House Press Secretary.

Reminds me of the time I tried to get a mortgage from my credit union.  The very helpful person going through the application said I would need to include my last two CU statements.  I cheerfully replied “that should be easy, it’s you.”  To which the stunned agent replied “No, you need to officailly request the last two statements.”  To which I, in my own irreverent manner replied “Okay, I officially request copies.”  At that point, she knew she wasn’t getting anywhere and moved on.

But I digress.  Back to the flying aces in NYC.  And the dunces in DC.

As the full story slowly leaked out, it appears there’s a special office in the White House in charge of Presidential jets.  There really isn’t a single jet named Air Force 1.  What ever plane the President happens to be on is officially Air Force 1.  And there are actually two of them, the plane carrying the President and a decoy.   Some one in that office thought it would be neat to “update” the stock of photos of the jet cruising through one of the world’s most recognizable sky lines.

Update the stock?  Update the stock?  UPDATE THE STOCK!  You mean they already have shots?  Why in the hell would they go through all this effort for no reason?  That’s very telling.  And what was the cost of this little junket?  I hear just this side of a cool half million.  Now that’s what I call watching every penny, nice going President!

Of course, once the metatron finally got the talking points from Rham, he called forth to the press, the President knew nothing about it and was mad as hell.  The President didn’t know about it?  If one of the President’s jets is out taking joy rides, the other one ain’t going anywhere.  And now we’re supposed to believe the President has no idea when he absolutely can’t fly anywhere?  I mean, it’s not like the President’s travel schedule isn’t carefully planned out to the most minute details.

The reason I bring that up is to counter an incident a few weeks ago on Easter.  Navy SEALS took out three Somali pirates.  When that news came out, Gibbs was practically atwitter with excitement about how deeply involved in every aspect of the mission President Obama was.  So, when things go right, the Obamaster is in hip deep, when its a train-wreck, the President didn’t have a clue.

Look for that to repeat ad nauseum for the next four years.

And lastly, let’s have a little look at what happened in NYC, shall we?  Thousands of citizens scared shit-less, running for their lives.  That must have been fun.  I live in NY, not the city, but pretty far upstate, and I can’t even imagine what sheer stupidity it took to pull this off on a Monday morning. I know, I know, the fly boys notified the Police, the mayor’s office and the FCC.  But even if word had managed to “leak” out to the public, how many other people might not have heard and assumed the worse?

So, we have a President who either knew about it and is now lying, or didn’t know what’s going on with his own staff.  We have an administration that thinks nothing of blowing almost half a million dollars while they are in the process of borrowing trillions.  We have fly boys who could care less about what this spectacle would look like to innocent civilians working in high rise office buildings.

But most of all, we have an administration that is so in love with it self, the lives of we ‘little people’ are at best an inconvenience, at worst, a distraction.

How’s that hope for transparent change?


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